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SS Shadow is King Shadow Sail's main ship. He uses it for everything, from going from Italy to the Caribbean, to fighting off battle ships.

The picture shown below is the SS Shadow, sailing in a star filled night with the water glistening. It was their first voyage to Alaska, it lasted a total of 9 days. It was Shadow's first experience with such a massive ship.


When Shadow became king, he was leaving his family and friends in the Caribbean. He was saddened by the thought and he knew that he wouldn't be able to afford a ship. Ships were VERY expensive and even though he was King, he was just starting off. He was still a bit poor. His income was large, but not large enough. So he decided to save up his gold. For a total of 4 years, he ship hopped to get to his family. Often fighting off wacky people who tried to kill him or kidnap him fortunately, Shadow was a skilled fighter with some of the best weapons.

It was finally time. Time that he could afford the ship that he craved for so long. And with that, construction was started. Shadow wanted EVERYTHING to be custom. For, he was now wealthy and could afford such luxury. And plus, he was using Lightning Vessels, and they can build just about anything. Shadow's ship was going great. It was expected to be done in just one year. Key word, expected. One night, the night of October 25, Jolly Roger along with his army came to Padres, where the Lightning Vessels Shadow Room was. The show room was heavily guarded, but the the night before, Shadow insisted on sleeping at the Show Room, his ship was said to be finished the next day.

It was the heavy foot steps and the green glow that awoke Shadow and two of the guards, Ronny and Jack Daggermenace. Shadow tried to help guard, but Jack insisted that he's a king and that he stay. Reluctantly, he did. Shadow waited and waited. He heard screams, and then Jack telling him to stay. Soon, he no longer heard Jack, nor did he hear the other guard. He was getting scared. He then ventured down to the main lobby. There was blood, two of the guard's bodies lay on the floor. Saddened and terrified, he still had to move on. He moved slowly and steadily down the long hallway leading to the main dock, where his ship was held, almost finished. As he approached the ship, he saw Jolly himself. His army, gone, the guards must have killed them off. Jolly flashed around, seeing Shadow. Anger filled his eyes.

Shadow didn't really know what to do. He knew that he can not do anything really, at least he thought. He took out his pistol, gold coated, very valuable. As fast as light, Jolly knocked it right out of his hands, into the cold hard ocean. He then took out his blunderbuss and before Jolly could do anything, shot him directly in the head! Blood shot out like there was no tomorrow. He turned and waved his arms in fury like a mad man gone insane. He threw several thunderbolts at Shadow. Shadow dodged them all. Jolly then did the unthinkable. He took Shadow by the head and let him hang over the ocean, ready to drop him at any moment. He sat there, dangling, over the cold hard water about 80 feet or so deep. Jolly gave a horrid laugh at Shadow's face, now terrified, for he knew he would die somehow if Jolly dropped him. Shadow knew, he just might die.

Shadow panicked for a while. Not knowing what he was going to do to have his ship and don't forget to mention his life. He was just standing there, yelling. Then, he had an idea. Thrusted his hands up and grabbed Jolly's head, pulled himself up, to land. Then he threw a dagger at his eye! Killing him, for now that is.


Today the ship is said to be,

"The leader of all good will ships" No one really knows what that means. Some say, it means if the SS Shadow is in trouble, all ships come to help.

It is currently a very powerful ship, and the first steam ship, ever.


Name: SS Shadow
Cost to Make: 50 Billion Gold
Cost to Buy: Can not be bought.
Owner: 252

21121 251 11

Captain: 252

21121 251 11

Max Cargo: The ship has a very large cargo section under the ship.
Speed: 20 knots
Broadsides: The ship has broadsides throughout both sides of the ship. Covered with paint and hidden.
Sleeping Room: Can sleep 1,000 very comfortably.
Health: To this day has not been defeated.
Crew: Crew size 82.
Armor: 50%, Under all wood is a thick coat of golden armor, 50% is exposed.


Note: The crew of this ship IS the same as the SS Shadow II,

"I loved my crew so much on the SS Shadow, I decided to just have them come on either ship that I want to sail,"

~ Shadow

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ShadowSignature 01:36, April 21, 2012 (UTC) Captain/Owner
King John Breasly First Mate
Blackbeard Second Mate
Robert Shipstealer Engineer
Simon Treasurehawk Navigator
GenLawrence Navigator
User:DavidTDE Quartermaster
Manager of Communications Simon Redskull
La Corlo Cook
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Security Manager
Dog Hullbones Master of Arms
Chris Swordbones (Shade) Security Guard
Jack Daggermenace Gunner
Hector Scurvyeaston Gunner
Tom Cresthawk Gunner
Kat Bluebonnet Gunner
Prince Edgar Wildrat of England Gunner
John Roberts Gunner
Turtle JR Gunner
Shine Gunner
Bob Nollind Gunner
Sir Frog Gunner

La Corlo

La Corlo is the food and catering service aboard the SS Shadow. It is a crew of 20 skilled men and woman who work on the food part of maintaining this massive ship. They are the most skill and most polite catering service Shadow could find and to this day, he and all the members of the ship are satisfied. They do everything from set the table, to cook breakfast. And they have never had one complaint to this day!


Yes, there are two Master Bedrooms. They are on different sections of the ship, so Shadow can sleep where he wants.

  • Seen above, there is a section of the ship labeled "Shadow's Private Quarters". This area is JUST for Shadow, not one person is allowed in. No one has ever been in that area, ever, and Shadow wants it to stay that way.
  • "My private quarters helps me escape from all the people and things on board the SS Shadow. I expect no one to be allowed in that area, just me, only me."
  • ~ Shadow quoted when planning the ship.

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