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SAUB with bayonet and unusual bullet.


The name for this gun was from Johnny "Shark", the co. inventor of the gun because of his love of hunting skeletons. They say Samuel Colt invented the revolver almost 100 years after this amazing invention came in place. Johnny "Shark" Turner and his cousin, Will Turner teamed up to make this. Will is a blacksmith, while Johnny is very experienced in the mechanism of guns. The blueprint was made in 1739 and sent from Johnny Turner to Will. Will Turner, the older cousin, said it's ridiculous to make a gun with six rounds in a row. In 1744, Johnny made a model with only one round and went to his cousin's smithery and shot it at a loose nail and it went in (being the marksman he is) as he entered. He said, "Are you going to make your cousin the better marksman and blacksmith? Get to work, lad." That quote motivated Will Turner to smith the whole gun in only a week. Now, the gun is confidental and can't even be used by Turner's own crew. Only two are in existence, one for Johnny, and one for Will. Samuel Colt discovered the blueprints 100 years later on his vacation to the Florida Keys, where Johnny "Shark" kept the blueprints.

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