Ryan Goldmonk


May 2, 1719 (Curacao, Dutch Caribbean)


August 2, 1745 (


The Kingdom of the Swiss Confederacy

The Armed Guard Corps (Lieutenant)


The Defense of Hassigos

The Battle of Angassa

Drifterian War


Ryan Goldmonk was the 1st pirate of User: LieutenantNigel. He was active from May 2012-Early August 2012. 

Apperance and Bio 

Ryan was a New Skinny, with a red gotee and mustache. He reached level 14, and had all skills BA maxed (level 7) by the time he became an Officer in Armed Guard, and promoted to Lieutenant. He was terminated about 3 hours after the Battle of Angassa, so in RP terms, he died during the battle. 

Intersting Facts

  • Served as Lieutenant in the Armed Guard from Late July to early August
  • Was best friends with the legendary Roger Warskull
  • Was one of the few Armed Guards that prefered to SvS as a Spaniard
  • Hated the East India Trading Company, and had nemerous stand-offs with Sergeant Joseph
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