The Russian Trading Company was founded March 3, 1713. It was founded by Tsar Benjamin Macmorgan, The goal of the company was to increase revenue for the Russian Government along with opening more trade agreements. The company locates itself in St.Petersburg, Paris, London and the Caribbean. Currently, the company's assets have been passed down to the current Tsar, Jeremiah Garland.

The RTC mainly makes a large amount of tradeable goods and has a monopoly over russian caviar, wine, and many other beverages. It currently makes 24 billion rubble every year and employs seven thousand people throughout the world.


Founder: Benjamin Macmorgan

Chairman of the Board: Matthew Blastshot

Board of Directors:



CEO: Lord Jeremiah Garland

Vice President: Foulberto Smasho

Manager of Caribbean affairs: Jason Yelloweagle

Head of Sea Security Jack Pistol

Head of Security: open

Investors ( get a share piece of income )

Benjamin Macmorgan: 50% of corporate revenue

Foulberto Smasho 5% of corporate revenue

Jack Pistol 5% of corporate revenue

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