Russia Republic is a new goverment to be started in the Caribbean the leaders can not be named at the moment. Just arriving in the Caribbean we don't know which side to join france and spain, EITC it is all very hard for us right now. Russia Republic is war based. joining us will draft you as a soldier. Even the most powerful people in the republic are warlords. I will not say the leaders name but by reading this article you will find to clues to who she/he is. We have control of two locations in the Caribbean

Invite Code: KUES7994


Isla Perdida- our leader has used this for quite a lot of things. training drills camp outs meetings everything.

Rum Runners Isle- food drink storage Also naval base. Home Server: Patros


in order to be of most use to the republic we require you to have these two weapons:


Cutlass (no crude weapons unless all you can get)


soldiers have these ranks:






war lord

war master ( only person to get this rank is the leader of Russia Republic who is Jack Dreadvane )


the uniform is simple combat ready:

Red bandana

red sash

valentines shoes (optional)

red sack vest or shop vest (Optional)

valentines pants adventure pants or travelers pants

( If impossible to obtain these clothes an optional uniform is to simply have red clothing. Red shirts,pants,belts,hats,coats It does not matter. As long as you can assist the republic )

first plan:

Our first plan is too simply choose a side. we do not know much about the Caribbean and if u would like more troops give us a reason to join your side France and spain or EITC? Fight well comrades URA!

news: The republic has been restored and we are trying to recruit once more. We have left France and Spain and are now looking to join up with the rest of Russia.

Our leader has decided to reveal his identity. Jack Dreadvane lvl 42 is the leader of Russia Republic. He now states that he wishes to Join Benjamin Macmorgan's empire. If he is the true Czar that is.

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