Rumple’s Sword is a cutlass. It was used by Rumple Stiltskin himself.

How it was made

It started out as a meteor that crashed onto Earth. Rumple took a large piece of it to the best blacksmiths in the Caribbean. Then, Rumple gathered some Cursed Wood from Skeleton Ships to make the handle. Later, he recovered El Patron's lost sword and took some of the gold off it. He put the Gold on the Blade of the other Sword. Next step was to recover Cased Voodoo from barrels in Cuba. He put the Voodoo inside the Blade of the Sword. The last thing to do was recover Ghost Oil from Death Omen ships. He put the Ghost Oil inside the Blade with the Voodoo. The Blacksmiths burned the blade and did the things they need to do to make a normal Sword. After a total of 3 years, the Sword was finally finished. It seemed like it was best sword in the entire world. Rumple still carries this blade. It is completely impossible to survive a stab from this Blade.

All the ingredients

Here are the ingredients Rumple had to get for the sword: Large Piece of meteor, Cursed Wood, El Paton's Lost Sword ( 2 ), Voodoo, Ghost Oil, The head of a Thrall Captain ( 3 ), Head of a Kelpbrain ( 10 ), Bones of Undead Captains ( 30 ), Bones from Undead Raiders ( 30 ), DarkFire Cutlass ( 2), Bones from Undead Gypsy ( 40 ), Hair from Undead Witchdoctors ( 50 ), And last, the head of General Darkhart.