To get this quest go to Shane Mcgreeny. NOTE: you need to complete Shane Mcgreeny's other quests (Prison Break, Port Royal Fort Heist, and Port Royal Crime Wave) to do this quest.

Part 1:

  1. Go to Shane Mcgreeny- The Navy is getting control of a lot of rum lately. It must be stopped now!
  2. Kill 15 navy cadets- 30 noriety
  3. Go distract Ensign Grimm while some pirate infiltrate the fort
  4. Go to Shane Mcgreeny- 50 gold and 40 noriety
  5. Search 4 barrles for rum in Fort Charles
  6. Go to Shane Mcgreeny- 50 noriety
  7. Poison 4 barrles in Fort Charles
  8. Go to Shane Mcgreeny- 200 gold and 100 noriety

Part 2:

  1. Go to Shane Mcgreeny
  2. Take the rum to Tortuga and visit Simon Hornbow- 50 noriety
  3. Sink EITC ships- Simon is worried the EITC will deliver more rum to the navy
  4. Sink 5 EITC Corsairs
  5. Sink 5 EITC Warlords
  6. Sink 5 EITC Vipers
  7. Deliver the rum to Simon Hornbow- 600 noriety
  8. Deliver rum to Kings Arm- 100 gold
  9. Tell Shane Mcgreeny that the EITC won't be delivering rum to the navy for a while- a playing card and 200 noriety
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