The Royale Alliance Elite Squad is a covert squad led by John O'eagle, his cousin John Breasly. It does most of the dirty' work for the Royale Alliance, and does not give up.


The Royale Alliance Elite Squad was founded by William Damproberts in the summer of 1724 (2010). It was originally meant to protect King Breasly and his guild, which was weak from raids led by Solomon Burnward, an enemy at the time. As wars progressed, William began using the squad for spywork. It was soon used in almost every war, but never seen. It has played traitor several times, most famously when William attempted a coup, and was shot by Robert Mcroberts. It's last mission was to infiltrate the headquarters of The Co Empire, a guild lead by Benjamin Macmorgan. Since then, William has disappeared. He was last seen talking with the guild The Telltale Heir, after some speculation the want to harm the Royale Alliance. It is assumed he has been captured. Since then, John O'eagle has taken leadership.


  • William Damproberts
  • Pedro
  • John O'eagle
  • Eric Rigcastle
  • Johnny Stormshot
  • Nui Jing Juan
  • Ned Swordmartin
  • Ultra Samurai
  • Davy Cannonace
  • Captain Ryan
  • Matthew Raidstealer


  1. Viceroyal Repeating Rifle
  2. Assassin's Pistol
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