About the Royal Union Industries ( R.U.I )

The Royal Union industries is a line of Companies, Factories, Shops, and Corporations that are inside the United Union ( A Fan Country made up by Captain Josh ). This is a chance for the Above Shops and what not to Expand their Shops and all those. If You would like your shop, factory, Company, or Corporation in this please ask in the comments, and provide Information about the what ever, a logo, Owners name ( of course Industry name ) What you Provide or do, and what you would like it to say - to Captainjosh98's Talk page.

Current Industries in the R.U.I

Servers of Royal Union

These are Servers of which you can put your Shops on that act as Royal Union States in Game!

  • Galaira
  • Guinness
  • Exuma
  • Antama
  • Hassigos
  • Kokojilla
  • Legassa
  • Levica
  • Antik
  • Tortos
  • Monada
  • Cortola

Server Industries

The Current Industries, Shops, Factores, Company Bases, Etc. on Servers Above

  • Galaira - United Union Steel Corp; Stavalay Blacksmithing; Garland Ship Industry; The Express Shop;
  • Guinness - Stavalay Blacksmithing;
  • Exuma - EIUTC;
  • Antama - Stavalay Blacksmithing; Garland Ship Industry;
  • Hassigos - Stavalay Blacksmithing;
  • Kokojillo - Stavalay Blacksmithing; Garland Ship Industry;
  • Legassa - Stavalay Blacksmithing;
  • Barano - None;
  • Antik - Garland Ship Industry;
  • Tortos - None;
  • Monada - None;

About The Companies/Whatever

East India Union Trading Company

Is a Company that Serves as a Trading Company to United Union, and a Privateer Navy.

United Union Steel Corportation

Founded by Francis Madison, Makes Elite Steel Weapons that are some of the finest you will ever find!

Stavalay Blacksmithing

Rival of the U.U.S.C Stavalay Blacksmithing makes very good Weapons AND Tools.

Garland Ship Industry


The Express Shop

Sells Food, Makes Weapons, Fancies, And Is A Good Place To Spend Down And Stock Up.

- Made By : King Joshua Pond  02:13, August 29, 2011 (UTC)

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