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Basic Information

What Is It?

The Royal Navy SvS Championship is a championship hosted by King George II, and Lord Matthew Faye I. The championship is to see who is the best captain in the Royal Navy!

How Do I Sign Up?

Follow these steps:

  • Tell us your pirate's name, and the name of your ship.
  • Pay a 20 gold fee.
  • Tell us whether you are Pirate, Spanish, French, British, or other.
  • Tell us if you are a good captain or bad captain! (Normally, this does not have to reflect you.)

I've Signed Up... Now What?

Assemble your crew, matey! Find the most swashbuckling crew you can get!

Championship Info


Name Ship Nationality Karma Standings Crew # Level
John Breasly Golden Dragon British Bad Referee 1 43
Matthew Blastshot Black Pheonix British Bad Referee 1 22
Richard Goldvane Green Runner Pirate Good Unknown 10 50
Chris Swordbones Black Demon Pirate Bad Unknown ??? 50
Davy Badbones Headhunter Guardian Pirate Good Unknown ??? 50
Stormwalker Storm Demon Spanish Good Unknown ??? 48
Captain Shadow Sail Shadow Eagle Italian Good Unknown 9 50
Johnny Goldtimbers Black Destroyer British Bad Unknown ??? 50
Madster Shadow Guardian Spanish Good Unknown ??? 50


  • No glitches.
  • You may not add or deduct a crew member later than three days before your designated fight.
  • Any teleportation to/from your ship during the battles will be punished by either a deduction of points or a disqualification from your match.
  • When you launch, you will have aproximately two minutes to confirm readiness.
  • Arguing with the referees will earn you a point deduction.
  • Letting unauthorized crew members aboard your ship during the match will result in a point deduction, and removal of said unauthorized crew member. Refusal of the captain to remove the unauthroized crew member will result in a disqualification.
  • Crew limit is that which equals the limit on your designated vessel-of-use.


No current matches.

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