The Royal Museum

The Royal Museum is fan-made museum made by John Breasly. It is located in London, England, and holds
British flag

Flag flying over the entrance

some of the most precious artifacts in the world. This article only names those of the Caribbean, however.

Building History

The building was built in the late 1600s to accomadate British Parliament, but found unsuitable for their secrecy. The building was granted to the king of England, John Breasly, who turned it into a museum.

Museum Entrance

The Royal Museum entrance consists of a large center room, with staircases on each side. Double doors lead into a courtyard ahead, with more hallways stretching off. In the entrance, you will see a statue of a historian holding parchment in one hand, and a quill in another. "History est Nostrum Maioribus Factum" is carved at his feet. It translates from Latin to English, saying "History is Our Greatest Achievement". You can also find the NPC John Breasly here, walking around the entrance, and may occasionally walk to a gallery.

Archives Gallery

In the archives gallery, we hold several fine documents. These documents include several signed by Grand Lord Leon.. They also hold several of Lord Marshal Samuel Redbeard. Other not so famous documents have been seen, all equally as important. The charter William O'roberts granted Robert Mcroberts to create the Viceroyalty Co. guild is held within it's walls. The death sentence of the Duchess of Anemois was recently placed here also. Not all documents can be named here.

Weaponry Gallery

The weaponry gallery holds some very ancient and useful weapons used by people of the Caribbean, as well as others around the world. Looking around, you can see the repeater of Captain Leon the Third.

Captain Leon the Third's repeater

You can see it today, a magnificent craft. It will also hold The Lord's Blade if the unfortunate death of Johnny Goldtimbers was to occur. Most recently, the Sword of the Golden Dragon was returned after being stolen by a raider named Hamsakai. As you can see, there are many precious weapons held within these walls.
300px-Cutlass K

Sword of the Golden Dragon

Manequin Gallery

We have a fine collection of manequins. Notable member of our gallery include Robert Mcroberts, John Breasly, Samuel Redbeard, Captain Leon, the Duchess of Anemois, and many more! Also recently added to the collection was Ben Goldeagle.

Ship Gallery

A large area in an emty room was referbished recently, so we turned it into an exhibit. Mini-models of famous ships have been made. We include the HMS Imperial, HMS Empire, Red Rebel, The Interceptor, and many more. Also recently added, we have found a warsized ship, that has been taken apart and rebuilt within the museum to show all visitors. You can climb upon it, using a ramp built. All cannons on it are fake, and areas have been labeled. It's bases and surrounding floor have been painted like the sea.

Warship in museum

We hope you enjoy our ship gallery!

Royal Museum is Under Construction!

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