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The Royal Company was founded by Benjamin Macmorgan on October 24, 2011. Made for freedom, the Royal Company stays true to its promises. One of the many goals in which the Royal Company hopes to accomplish is to destroy and eliminate the Paradox. The Royal Company has a firm well organized army system, including ranks, and a organized military leadership.

The Lasting Legacy...

Lord Benjamin Macmorgan has further reedemed his lasting legend in creating this new and improved, completely up-to-date guild. It, being Macmorgan's 4th successfull guild, is implied as a memoir to the most famous EITC guild we have seen to date: The Co. Empire. Shortly after the retire

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ment of Lord Davy Menace, Macmorgan took over the EITC foundation, and would further lead it for a year. During his time, propserity, dignity, and economic power came to the Co., and it became the center of EITC commerce and federal issues. Today, he has been elected Prime MInister of the EITC by King George Augustus II, and plans, with the help of his company men, to rebirth the lasting legacy of the Co. Empire


Guild Master: EITC Prime Minister Lord Benjamin Macmorgan

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