This Guild was under leadership of Lord Admiral Mcwallace, and was the only guild he had ever been in. He had many officers and members in the guild and it was a strictly run operation. Royal Board had a lot of regular Marines and Some officers. It had its own fleet, But it was small. The guild also had a small EITC department. Mcwallace was regularly online and his men where often close to his side.The guilds Second In Command was Lord Richard Harrington.


After Mcwallaces' death the guild fell into retreat, members started to leave and officers started to claim they where in command. Some members went to the sister guild, His Majesty's Guard, Richard, left the guild a few years after Mcwallaces' death. Pretty soon the guild fell into a state of emergency and the remaining 10 members left. The guild no longer exists and most members have either left the game or wish never to look back on the Guild.

Sister Guild

The guild had a Sister guild, His Majesty's Gar, H.M.G (guard was spelled wrong) Any members of the Royal Board that still look up to Mcwallace can probably be found in this guild, although the guild is dead. There is no GM, and there are only a hand full of members and officers. The guild was founded by Richard Harrington, although he never actually stayed in it for very long. As soon as Royal Board was founded he left.

Old ranks

Admiral- Highest and GM

Rear Admiral- second highest and officer

Captain- Third Highest Member ( veterans where not around then)

Lieutenant Commander- Fourth highest- member

Lieutenant- member

Sergeant- member

Marine- member

Cadet- member

Sailor- member

(His Majestys Guar shared the same ranks) The guild lasted from 2009–2011 His Majestys Guar are still going and where founded in the same year.

Old territories

The guilds (H.M.G and Royal Board) Both owned Port Royal ( base ) Padres and Kingshead. They had a small conquest for Rumrunner's and Outcast, although there was not sufficient amounts for that.

Final Good bye

Any old members of the guild, I (Mcwallace) wish you the best of look in the game and hope you never forget the great old days we used to have.

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