The Rouge Thieves are a guild led by Johnny Goldcoine. The guild was created in July 2010. With over 142 (and counting) members, they are considered semi-famous by the Guildmaster and guild members. Their hideout is a

Guild Userbox ImagePirate Rouge Thieves is a Pirate Guild in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

rum cellar on Rumrunner's Island. There are meetings at the hideout most Saturday nights, eastern time. The Rouge Thieves have a long lasting rivalry with the P E A C E Keepers, who have recently declared war on the Rogue Thieves. The Rogue Thieves motto is, "Fight to the end or don't fight at all!"

Known Members

Johnny Goldcoine - Guildmaster

Peter Stormeagle - Officer

Jack Blackwing - Officer

Note: known members only include Guildmaster and head officers

Known Enemies

P E A C E Keepers.

Note: this page is about the same guild as on the page "Rogue Thieves." In the game, it is correctly spelled "Rogue Thieves."

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