Possible Alliance With: England/EITC and The Elite Musket Men pertains to role-play.

My Negotiations

I Lord Admiral Sven Daggersteel, have had much contact with the leader of the Elite Musket Men, William Dampbellows. We have talked for at least a month, and have been negotiating our terms of alliance, but I have not guaranteed or promised anything, yet. The reason we are having peace is because, we have had many recent wars with The Elite Musket Men, and we both have a common enemy, The Delta Republic. As we English always say, " the enemy of my enemy is my friend ".


The policies can be discussed and changed, for I have contact with WIlliam Dampbellows.

Elite Musket Men Demands

  • To be free of wearing typical EITC attires
  • Help when attacked
  • To be part of the EITC
  • Attend the brethren court meetings


  • Help when attacked
  • Tax the Elite Musket Men for being under protection of the company
  • Tax the Elite Musket Men for being under protection of England (seperate tax)

These can be modified by HCO's of England.

British Empire Signatures

Signature of Lord Andrew Mallace:


Signature of Prime Minister Benjamin Macmorgan:

Signature of Minister of Propaganda Jeremiah Garland:

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Lord Sven Daggersteel, Head Of Department Of Warfare


King George II Augustus of Great Britain & Ireland

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