King / Queen of Italy Conflict pertains to role-play.

To Whom Ever This May Concern,

I have been informed that a man by the name of Pearson Wright spoke about the fact that he is now "controlling" Italy. I hold the rank of King of Italy... and me and the Royal Family always will. Please do not think that the statement on "The Paradox Wiki" is true in any sort of way. It is unofficial, they never took over Italy, nor will they ever, nor did I approve of any change in rank change. "Jade Stormfury" has no rank in the Royal Family of Italy. I hold the rank of King of Italy, and Prince Sharpe will take my place when I pass away. For more information on the matter of ranking for Italy, please see, The Royal Family of Italy. In conclusion, NO rank change has occurred, I remain the King of Italy, and the men and woman in the Royal Family will remain there.

Thank you.


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