Jason Shiprat's Isla Perdida Base pertains to role-play.

Isla Perdida Base

Isla Perdida was once a wild, bug infested stinkpot.The base was built in 1744. When Jason Shiprat came he had the plan to build a base for future LEGAL occupation of his majesty. He also had the idea to build a considerable investment on the island in the form of a liquor and wine distillery. The facility is loaded with the finest of Wines, rum, whiskey, scotch, and ale, altogether worth over $100,000,000. A garrison of mercenaries were left on the island to protect the investment from invaders or enemies of the crown.

This Island will become a part of the EITC and a major staging point in a possible attack or retaliatory assault on pirates. The island also has been found to contain gold and silver, the discoverer; a member of Jason's crew. The EITC and the crown would be wise to establish a permanent LEGAL base for security and wealth.

This island will become a base for the EITC but it will remain in private hands.


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