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Just tonight (August 21), Lord Jeremiah Garland, current forth-in-command of the EITC and high general of the EITC First Division, met with Hippie, a High Officer of The Paradox, to discuss battle.

How it Began

General Jeremiah Garland was gathering the forces of the EITC First Division on Padres Del Fuego for their normal training. However, many of the soldiers, such as Lieutenant Sven Daggersteel and Lieutenant Jason Blademorgan, insisted that the EITC First Division has trained enough, and are ready for battle. Garland did not disagree, but rather asked what they had in mind. The said they wanted to attack The Paradox in a full on battle.

The Brief Skirmish

Aboard Lieutenant Daggersteel's ship, the Gun Cobra, the EITC First Division found the location of one of The Paradox's officers, Hippie, and began to attack him in privateering. With the exception of Stormwalker, Hippie was on his ship alone, and began attacking the EITC invaders. Soon, a small skirmish occurred before Hippie requested to speak to General Jeremiah Garland alone. Garland agreed.


Hippie and Garland met aboard Hippie's ship. Garland told Hippie that his men had wanted to attacked The Paradox, and that the EITC First Division declared war on The Paradox. Hippie said that they could not do battle right now, because not many people were online in The Paradox. Therefore, the two agreed that a battle will be held sometime else, possibly tomorrow, when both sides are ready for a battle. Garland also requested the type of battle be an SVS, even though the EITC First Division isn't too well experienced in naval battle. Hippie agreed, and the two shook hands. Garland then returned to his forces, and told them all this.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line EITC declares war on Paradox, but Paradox does not have enough men online, so the battle will took place probably tomorrow. It will be an SVS battle, so both sides, be ready. The consequences for each side are yet to be conferred.


Below is a schedule of events to keep you updated on the battle yet-to-be-commenced:

  • Hippie and Garland agree to postpone a massive SVS battle for sometime tomorrow
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