Earlier on April 6th, 1722, The Delta Empire threatened the Skull's Marines GM, Capt. Skull X, (on the Padres Del Fuego fishing docks, Server; Lempona) along with being rude, and insulting the guild. A small fight broke out between Capt. Skull X, and Dog O'Hawk, where Capt. Skull X won. Later on Skull talked to Pearson/Pirate, and Pirate deffended Dog O'Hawk. After he left he sent 2 Delta Empire troops to arrest skull, where they were defeated by Capt. Skull X, and Roger Wildeagle. As Samuel Redbeard teleported to Skull to assist.

The Beggining

As they were all standing around The Delta Empire(Axis Powers) began to open fire on the EITC and Marines(allied forces) for no reason. In shock the Allied forces returned fire on the Axis powers. Being out numbered though, the battle was bit of a stand off. After a while Marines and EITC guards starting dropping. Forcing the Allied powers to fall back.
Screenshot 2011-04-06 22-05-11

The Marines return fire on the Delta Empire

Turning Point

The Allied powers then fell back, to regroup and regain strength, with bistanders joinning in the fight, the Allied forces began to drive the Axis Powers back. Finally after about 15 minutes of fighting The Delta Empire had been defeated, and driven off the docks. They had fallen back to one of their forts

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