This is a record of the Battle of Kiev in 1722. It was between England and Russia, and Spain.


On May 12, 1722, King Carlos Clemente sent out a message to all monarchs:

My fellow Monarchs,
On the day of May 12, 1722, my forces will attack the city of ____. It's ruler, ________ _________ is, in my opinion, a tyrant, and needs to be dealt with properly. You will all no of the attack once it has started, and I encourage supporters of ______ to stay away from this battle.
Yours truly,
King Carlos Clemente of Spain

Many were confused by this. Only two monarchs did not dismiss this so easily: King Breasly of England, and King Bluehawk of France.

The First Attack

Early in the morning of May 13, 1722, Spain's forces reached St. Petersburg. The citizens had not been expecting an attack, so when it came, many of them were killed.

Spain's advance guard led the way, killing anyone in sight. Once they took the basilica, most morale was lost. The remaining defenders were slaughtered, or imprisoned.

Spain Takes Kiev!

While English forces were on the way, Spain advanced. They sent out their top grenadier units, which destroyed most of the outer city. Carlos Clemente himself was commanding forces from the safety of St. Petersburg.

By the time English forces had arrived, it was too late; Kiev was taken by Spain. Luckily, Czar Macmorgan had fled to the safety of a nearby town. So, English forces began a siege on Kiev.

English Seige To Re-Take Kiev

Engish forces seiged for several days. Finally, they broke through the line, and re-took the city, but not for long; Spanish reinforcements were on the way. Of course, Czar Macmorgan didn't know that, and returned to rebuild his capitol.

Spain Retaliates

In the dead of night, Spanish forces marched onto the town, and burned down the refugee tents outside the city, and then advanced on the city! They took Macmorgan hostage, and the English general William Howe was forced to flee to the countryside.

Hessians Intervene!

Hessian mercenaries, hired by King George II, battled in the streets of Kiev for weeks. Finally, after nearly a month, the city was re-captured for good!

The War Is Won!

Many months after the battle of Kiev, English and Russian forces marched on to Madrid, and burned the city to the ground, forcing King Carlos Clemente to go into hiding in the Caribbean!

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