• Sven Daggersteel - Born in Venice, Italy, raised in London, England
  • Sir Francis T. Weather aka Trueweather - Engkandago (made up country)
  • Señor Jumper the Great aka X Jumper - Sartain (made up country)
  • Major General Richard Venables - Dysart, Scotland
  • •Jason Catcher (Skull Catcher) — Spain
  • Blake Stewart - London, England
  • •Johnny Goldtimbers — Sparta, Roman Republic, Roman Empire, Western Roman Empire, Kingdom of Italy, Francia, Byzantine Empire, Kingdom of León, Kingdom of France, Kingdom of England, Papal States, Kingdom of Spain, Kingdom of England, Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
  • •Albert Marcus Spark Sabre — Wales/UK
  • Natalie Andrea Spark Sabre - Madrid/Spain
  • •Anne Sterneaston — Norway
  • Jeremiah Garland — Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England*
  • •Captain Jeremiah Garland – Calais, France*
  • •Emperor Vladimir I – St. Petersburg, Russia*
  • Bobby Moon - France/Spain
  • Ishamel " Killer Angel" Venables- London/England
  • Sparky Whitewolf - Spain
  • Mustafa Singi Beljeet Aabheer Ibn Radhakrishna - Bangladesh
  • Johnnathan "Jason" Matthews "Shiprat" Smith - Isle of Man, England.
  • Ryan Cornelious Lemeiux "Ryan Blademonk" - Greenwich, England (Currently - Vienna Austria [bc i'm king]
  • Ariana De La Cruz - Spain
  • CSM & Captain Winters, John E. - Colonies (US) more specifically Delaware.
  • Hannah Bluefeather- Austria and Port Royal (and maybe France and Spain and England) :P
  • David Yellowfish- Somalia
  • Edward  Daggerhawk- Pakistan
  • William de' Medici 

- Lucca, Italy 

  • Nathaniel Crestbreaker - London, England

( * Denotes one in the same person; in accordance to the Garlandian split-ego theory, three entities encompass one being. The first, Jeremiah Garland, is a native of Yorkshire and currently a member of British Parliament, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, a long time officer of the East India Company, and the Duke of Scarborough; the second, Captain Jeremiah Garland (not to be confused with the man of the same name) is an English French-born defected British marine-turned pirate lord. Finally, Vladimir Petrovich Romanov I is the current emperor of Russia.)

(**Denotes nothing clearly significant- But if Jerry gets 1 star... I get 2.)

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