100 Best Guild : Rogues of Fortune has been a guild for quite a while, with a guild site.

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Lead by Commodore Zeke. Rogues of Fortune has been around since near the beginning of the original POTCO. The guild uses regular POTCO guild ranks, but also includes the Cadre Officer and Co Guildmaster ranks. With a fair amount of Members and Officers. I would suggest this guild to some PIRATE players.

The Guild is now re-recruiting for the upcoming Semi-Open beta of TLOPO, Tell Everyone you know who may have been in the guild! 

General Rules and Regulations

1. Treat other members and officers with respect.

2. No rude or explicit language on anything affiliated with this guild.

3. No rude, or explicit media of any kind is permitted on anything affiliated with this guild.

4. Members are expected to follow all rules stated by Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

5. Failure to comply with these rules can and may result in you being suspended, or permanently banned from the Rogues of Fortune.

General facts.

Even though the guild was inactive at times, there was still a group of members that stayed active. (Real life, computer issues, and basic access had kept some people from coming on. Others visited sometimes, but were still inactive due to the game becoming boring to them)

End of POTCO

GM : Commodore Zeke

Current Co-GM : Johnny Rigmenace

The Guild is now actively recruiting for TLOPO, head over to the forums!

The Ex-GM, Commodore Zeke, may become the GM again if he decides to return to the remake.

Current GM: Johnny Rigmenace

Co-GM: Hikaru O'Bonney

Head Senior Officer (Second Co-GM): Charles Gunfury

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