The Rogue Thieves are a semi-famous guild lead into battle by the notorious Johnny Goldcoine. The Rogue Thieves were founded in early July 2010 and are growing quickly in numbers. They have over 120 people and have at least one guild veteran/officer recruiting on the docks of all islands on Antama. They recruit an average of one or two people daily. Johnny Goildcoine is the only Rogue Thieves member that is online and recruit daily. Since Johnny found it in his first days on a boat, Johnny and the Rogue Thieves use the Rum cellar as their hideout. The Rogue Thieves will be recruiting anybody who is interested. You have the best chances of getting in the guild if you find the head recruiting officer, Jack Blackwing. The Rogue Thieves will do anything to demolish the enemy guild the P E A C E Keepers. Although unknown to most players, the Rogue Thieves are at war with the guild the P E A C E Keepers to this day. The secret war started in early October 2010 and began when the P.K. guildmaster declared war on the Rogue Thieves. For these reasons, Johnny Goldcoine has an ongoing rivalry with the P E A C E Keepers guild master. The Rogue Thieves motto is, "Fight to the end or don't fight at all!"

Note: this page is about the same guild as on the page "Rouge Thieves." In the game, it is correctly spelled "Rogue Thieves."

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