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Roble Robusto Emblem
Roble Robusto Emblem
Roble Robusto

Museum Ship

Roble Robusto Bow (Angled) View
Career (Spain)
Faction Spain 1229696085 6542
Launched 20 April 1768
Commissioned 30 April 1768 – 1773, 15 June 1776 – 1777
Refitted June 1776
Service 1768-1773, 1776-1777
Motto God is our speed
Nickname The Mahogany Ship
Fleet Museum Fleet
Armament 32 Cannons Overall: 15 per Broadside, 2 Swivels, 50 Muskets for crew.
Location Barcleona

The Roble Robusto (Sturdy Oak) was a 30-gun Sixth-Rate Ship of the Line; commissioned in 1768 by the Spanish Navy for patrol missions in the Mediterranean Sea. After five years of service it was deemed obsolete and auctioned off to Cesaro Solorzano. A revered friend of Víctor Ríos. Cesaro converted the ship into a merchant class sho[ and traded cargo with other nations such as Morocco, Austria, Poland, Russia and on rare occasion, the United States. However, during a trade convoy to Boston in 1774, the Money's Buy was attacked and boarded while trying to port by British ships. The ship was confiscated, and Cesaro was cast into Boston to live as an American citizen. In December of 1775, Víctor Ríos met with the British in London to discuss the returning of the ship to Spain. Money's Buy was returned to Spain in March of 1776.

Víctor Ríos refurbished and refitted the vessel with cannons and other military equipment to prepare it for combat purposes. The renovations were completed in June 1776, and the ship was renamed el Roble Robusto. Officially designated as a 30-gun Sixth-Rate Ship of the Line, it had top-notch speed and could out-sail any heavier ship. It's cannons were powerful enough to punch through thick armor, and were easy to reload. The ship costed little to maintain, and could be repaired within a week depending on damages. It's modern rudder allows it to turn effectively and maneuver with absolute precision. The Roble Robusto was a jewel in the Spanish Navy.

When Anarchists took control of Madrid, the Spanish Empire had disintegrated. Víctor Ríos declared indefinite port and converted the ship into a museum. The museum is located in Barcelona, Spain.

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