Robert Cannonflint is a lvl 48 pirate he is a member of the Elite Thievery Co.

Mastered Weapons

Cutlass,fishing,Doll,Dagger and Shooting

Other skills

Sailing 22, Cannon 23, Staff 23,

Grenade 20 and potions 14

He currently has six famed weapons

Famed Weapons

Seven Seas Cutlass, Corsairs Cutlass,Bloodfire Broadsword,Bitter End,Knives Of The Hawk Idol and Bayou Throwing Knives.

He currently has one legendary weapon

Silver Freeze

Some of his friends are

Catie Chesten, Solomon Mcfury, Elizabeth O scarlett, Solonar, Jack Wildfury, Ben Crestmorgan, Molly Treasuremorgan, Renesme, Braden,Joan Mcratte and Marc Cannonhawk

If i did not include you in my friends im very sorry i named the friends i could think of off the top of my head.

Some of the updates he wants are:

" New ship classes, customizable ships, and customizable pirate forts".

His ships are

Dark Pheonix ( War Frigate )

Green Eagle ( War Galleon )

Silver Dragon ( War Sloop )