French Icon Robert Cannonbreaker is a True Frenchman at heart! Robert Cannonbreaker appears in Book 1, 2, & 3 of The Life & History of Simon Treasurehawk.

Is currently a level: 14
Robert Cannonbreaker 1

Robert Cannonbreaker

Current Guild: Marauder's Militia

Rank: General

Favorite weapon: Old Musket


In the year of 1697 Robert Cannonbreaker was born at Port Royal. He is the first child to the Cannonbreaker family. At the age of 5 his brother Richard Cannonbreaker was born. When he was only 8 he began working on the docks. He would be working on the docks and building ships for Darby Drydock for 5 more years. At the young age of 13 Robert went to the British Navy and volunteered to join them. He would be in training for 11 months and then go into battle. Robert at 18 was going on a very important mission with the Navy was hit in the arm by a Bane Shot by a pirate (to protect the innocent I will not metion names) in the left arm. Due to his injury he left the Navy. After living with them for so long he finally decided to create a pirate guild. He got along well with his guild and they did many things together. One night when Robert was 22 in Padres de Fuego he went out of his hut to get fresh air forgetting Padres was under attack by the Spainish when cannonballs whizzed through the air and exploded right in the hut and killed everyone of his guild members... except him. After the incedent out of deppression he cut his hair short and shaved his mustache off. No one recognized him. When an awesome pirate named Simon Treasurehawk invited Robert to the guild he couldn't refuse. He moved up in ranks in the guild quickly working hard in the guild's Navy. One day when Robert was 24 he was offered by Simon, one third of the guild. He accepted. He named his portion, The Scouts of the Maurader's Militia. Robert is still working for the guild and will never forget his childhood.

~Robert Cannonbreaker

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