Item Level Award
Sword Level: 30
Sword Richard Norrington has mastered Sword!
Gun Level: 12
Doll Level: 28
Dagger Level: 18
Grenade Level: 9
Staff Level: 13
Sailing Level: 24
Cannon Level: 15
Potions Level: 8
Fishing Level: 10
Screenshot 2011-06-29 12-36-15
  • Richard alias Mullroy ,possible be
  • Richard in El Patron's clothes
Screenshot 2011-06-26 15-17-29

Richard dressed in pirate . Richard alias Captain Dogbeard

Screenshot 2011-05-26 21-09-45

Richard Card

Screenshot 2011-05-24 18-13-42

Richard in his uniform

Name :Richard Norrington

Titles:Lieutenant,Mercenary,Pirate,Captain,Traitor,Cursed Soldier

Guild:Co.Black Guard,Royal Navy,El Patron's Guards

Screenshot 2011-05-26 21-14-24

Richard and his bodyguard ,Andrew

Screenshot 2011-05-25 20-31-49

Richard in Clubheart clothes

Affiliation:Eitc Armada

Family:James Norrington(father)

Status:Alive but wounded

Weapons:Rusty Musket,Eitc Thug's Dagger


Appear:Port Royal,Fort Charles ,

Speak: ,,I will help Eitc with my life


,,I arrest you stupid pirate

Emotes:Glares angrily

Check Hand



HMS Soldier-Galleon

HMS Pegasius-Brig

      PART 1

Biographie:There has never met his mother. His dad did not know if DIED OR NOT. It is seen as uniform as Lieutenant of eitc. Although he is normally the enemy pirate he always wanted his simpatizat.Cand Beckett Richard kill friends who were pirates, Norrington started a revolt in Beckett's commensurate with navy.Navy soldiers vs soldiers with. Eitc. In the end Richard was captured by Beckett, no one knows even now if the normal supravietuit.Dar he had been led to Beckett to be stabbed with a dagger And. Which probably led to the death of Richard.


After that he managed to escape by killing one of the guards Carel pazeu, managed to escape but unfortunately was cursed by Tia Dalma always have when young Norrington 37.De level never returned to the army became a pirate, then no more seen than friends, although I hear rumors that might be employed in the Russian navy, he is rarely saw in Port Royal in the first or second of the game server. can it meet his duel appears to an emblem of Royal Navy, and now he seems to be in Russia's guildmater Ships



In this part Richard and his russians go to Jolly Roger .In sea ,his soldiers die because enemy.Solo in battle , he survive all undeads .Because Rihard dont have much power Roger kill him and sink his ship .


In this part Richard saved by a Eitc captain .Captain and Richard go to Raven's Cove in HMS Pegasius.Ship of captain .Captain Cookher was killed by Red Ghost but Richard escape and return in Port Royal .Where was recruited by a Royal Navy Lieutenant .The lieutenant told him , Richard's bodyguard is dead .He was killed by Cutler Beckett Guard, Gillette.

Whe Richard hear that he went to revenge his firend and his own bodyguard . He fight with Gillette (now a pirate) .Gillette die in the fght.After this all Richard return to Captain Jack Sparrow .

Richard: ,,I did it Jack, Gillette is dead and my friend too , a lost all

Sparrow :"Not all are lost , the war just began mate . Go to Kingshead and fight like a good man

PART 5 (to be contnued)

Screenshot 2012-04-04 22-15-08

Richard after end the story in 4/4/2012.

Screenshot 2011-06-25 19-23-16

Richard in Beckett's jail

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