Revolutionary Catalonia
Motto A las Barricadas!
Anthem La canción del pueblo
Capital Barcelona
Head of State None de jure, General Secretary de facto
Formal Name Iberian Federation
Languages Spanish; English; French
Religion Nominally secular
Government Non-partisan anarcho-syndicalist confederation
Legislature CNT-FAI
Territories The Catalan region, with sympathetic holdings elsewhere in the world
Area approx. 13,000 sq. meters
Population Yes
The Iberian Federation, colloquially and internationally called Revolutionary Catalonia, is an anarchist front on Wikicraft based out of the town of Barcelona. It is governed by the central union of the CNT-FAI, itself led by General Secretary Blair. Effectively a confederation of militant trade unions centered in Barcelona, it is guided by the ideologies of anarchism and syndicalism as a means to establish a socialist autonomy and claims legitimacy as the protectors of all Iberia. It also leads the alliance of the Third Internatonale, teetering between an anti-fascist front with the USSR and uneasy peace with the Ottoman Empire.

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