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Being a Sea Lord requires time and dedication for POTCO and your Guild. A Sea Lord is a man that symbolizes the fleet of Great Britain and the EITC. A Sea Lord is also supposed to be one of the greatest skilled captains, repair-mans, and gunners of Great Britain. 

Your Duty

Though Sea Lords command their own ships, their main priority is to be on the HMS Noble Thunder. The Noble Thunder is the pride of Great Britain, and symbolizes its Navy. 

Sea Lords are the only men allowed to be aboard the Pride of Great Britain, although very few high ranking officers may come aboard to cannon. 


  • You must be Lv. 40+
  • Have maxed sailing.
  • Have maxed cannon.
  • Be a Officer in the Guild.

Be prepared to fight, always teleport in need of combat or battle. I encourage Sea Lords to participate in material runs, but they are optional.

If you have any questions regarding Sea Lords, please contact,

Sven Daggersteel, GM of Royale Co. Navy

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