'Ello to all. I'm John Breasly, former admin of FAOTW, current Historian of the wiki. While I was at school today, I had free time, and drew up some ideas of how I could help the wiki as a user, now that I've been demoted. My first idea was the Admin Suggestion Forum. Here's how it would work:

We would have a forum where a user could suggest changes for admins individually. This could mean a different comment color, a small tweak of attitude, how an admin can be better, or something else. This could be a subpage of the Seven Seas Court, or it's own forum. I came up with this idea while thinking "How can I make sure new admins don't have the problems that Crimson, Shadow, and I did?"

NOTE: This is not on the Pirates Online Forums, this is a WIKI FORUM!


  1. John Breasly
  2. Katbluedog
  3. Jason Yelloweagle
  4. Stpehen
  5. Shade Link
  6. Captainjosh98
  7. Captaingoldvane2
  8. CaptainShadow11
  9. LeClerc Sharpe
  10. Jim Logan
  11. Prince Edgar Wildrat of England
  12. Benjamin Macmorgan
  13. Lord Jeremiah Garland


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