The Quest

In this quest the pirate must embark on a journey to discover a cure for the Evil Curse of Doom they unlock this quest at Notoriety Level 40 and when the complete the Raven's Cove Story Quest.There are many rewards in this quest both rep and gold there are also mysterey weapons!

Quest Stages

Find out More Asking Tia Dama
  • Visit Tia Dama
See Tia Dama on Cuba. 100 Notoriety Points

Tia Dama's Payment

Defeat Jolly Roger's Undead in exchange for Tia's knowledge of the curse
  • Undead Raiders
Defeat 10 Undead Raiders 100 Notoriety Points
  • Free cpatured souls
Defeast 5 Undead Soul Catchers and free the souls the hold 100 Notoriety Points
  • Defeat Undead Navy
Defeat 30 Undead Dragoons to free them from their sufering 500 Notoriety Points
  • Return to Tia
Return to Tia Dama on Cuba. 100 Notoriety Points
Cutsence *Sound of water the river fades into view camera moves towards Tia who is petting the aligator*Tia tells you of a secret island where El Patron first cast his dreaded curse and how the antidote is hidden is an anceint Spanish temple the door to the temple is locked by 4 keys recover them.

The First Key

General Darkhart holds the first key defeat the Undaed protecting him to uncover the key 100 Notoriety Points
  • Sea Patrol
Defeat 2 Black Harbingers which guard the waters around Padres Del Feugo 100 Notoriety Points
  • Beach Defense
Defeat 3 Undead Slashers on Padres Del Feugo 100 Notoriety Points
  • The General
Defeat General Darkhart on Padres Del Feugo 300 Notoriety Points
  • Return to Tia
Return to Tia Dama on Cuba 100 Notoreity Points
The Second Key Davy Jones crew hold the 2nd key deafeat them until you find the key
  • Thrall Captains
Defeat 3 Thrall Captains in the Cursed Caverns on Isla Tormenta 400 Notoriety Points
  • Urchinfists
Defeat 8 Urchinfists in the Cursed Caverns on Isla Tormenta. 600 Notoriety Points
  • Brinescums
Recover a key from a Brineskum Cursed in the Caverns on Isla Tormenta 100 Notoriety Points
  • Molusks
Defeat 2 Molusks in the Cursed Caverns on Isla Tormenta 200 Notoriety Points
  • Return to Tia
Return to Tia Dama on Cuba 100 Notoriety Points
The Third Key Jolly Roger Holds this Key
  • Win an Invasion

When you defeat Jolly Roger during an invasion he drops the key.

  • You can not procced until there is an invasion in-game*
2000 Notoriety, 1000 gold
  • Return to Tia
Return to Tia Dama on Cuba 100 Notoriety Points
The Final Key Foulberto Smasho holds this key which he stole from El Patron
  • A tormenter of Pirates
Defeat Foulberto Smasho Silver Freeze
  • Return to Tia
Return to Tia Dama on Cuba 100 Notoriety Points
The Blessing of the Gypsies

Recieve a blessing from the gypsies of the Caribbean

  • Fabiola
Visit Fabiola on Tortuga 100 Notoriety Points
  • Valentina
Visit Valentina on Padres Del Feugo 100 Notoriety Points
  • Romany Bev
Visit Romany Bev on Padres Del Feugo 100 Notoriety Points
  • Heartless Rosaline
Visit Heartless Rosaline on Padres Del Feugo 100 Notoriety Points
  • Angel O'Bonney
Visit Angel O'Bonney on Port Royal 100 Notoriety Points
  • Macomo

Visit Macomo on Cuba

100 Notoriety Points
  • Return to Tia
Return to Tia Dama on Cuba 100 Notoriety Points

Tia Casts a spell and a map appears in her hand,

(Speech)Tia:Your heart is true pirate you may pass to 'Isla De la Bestia',Good Luck..

Recover the Antidote Gather a Crew and sail to Isla De la Bestia
  • Complete the Boss Battle
Complete the Boss Battle 3000 Notoriety Points and Simon's Brew(Potion thats increases rep by 1000% for 2 hours

The Boss Battle

  • Cutscene:Jungles sounds flies buzzing aound,Camera moves to see a group of pirates walking towards a distant object {fades to black} view of pirate placing 4 keys in locks,keys turn door opens pirates walk in.The door slams shut then you hear the sound of a distant roar*

Stage 1

The pirates must defeat the wall creepers on either side of the screen players must defeat 50 wall creepers to advance

Stage 2

The pirates must work together to solve 3 riddles which are randomly genarated each time(the crew must chose the correct answer from 3 tiles each with an answer on top and all stand on the correct tile before the timer runs out(Note if timer runs out cutscene of floor opening and players falling into a pit of fire is shown followed by maic laughing)

Example of riddle:

I can run but i have no legs,I have a bed but i do not sleep.

Stage 3

Pirates must run between a pool with water flowing out and a wall of fire they must transfer a lest 85% of the water over before the timer runs out(they press shift to collect and throw bucket).

  • BONUS if players get 95% or more they recieve a famed sword (randomly generated)

Stage 4

All pirates must work as a team to defeat the creature known as the beast

About the Beast

A beast created at the dawn of time,little is known about it apart from it was tircked to guard the temple by El Patron.

Health Points



  • Fury: 300-2000 damage
  • Rage: 500-700 damage
  • Flame breath: 600 damage
  • Shake:900-1100 damage

Final IslandCutscene

Players run out of the temple as it falls apart behind them but a rumble is heard from underneath the sea

Raven's Cove Story Quest :Part 2-Escape from Isla De la Bestia(BONUS BOSS BATTLE)

  • cutscene:A ship is sailing away but there is a dark shadow following it*

Players must man the cannons and defeat the sea monster.UNLIMITED GRAPE SHOT BUT NO OTHER AMMO! SEA MONSTER HAS 3000,00000,00000 health and grape shot damage is 500

  • If boss battle is for quest player returns to Tia Dama and gains the quest reward*
  • If not player recieves 2500 gold*

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