Ranger's Scimitar

The Ranger's Scimitar is a weapon given to the guards of the Followers of Armageddon. The scimitars are hand crafted in Africa, using Damascan steel.

The first copies were given to the Desert Rangers of Africa, lead by Paapa Sahran. When their leader joined the Royal Navy, a new leader arose. He improved the sword, binding it with voodoo. They began to work as hired mercenaries for the Followers of Armageddon. Today, the Desert Rangers make them in a hidden forge in Egypt, and ship them all over the world. The Abu Nar Clan got their hands on some, and brought them to the Caribbean.

You can obtain a Ranger's Scimitar from almost any trade ship, mainly EITC warships.


Type/Rarity Rare Scimitar
Attack N/A 87
Resale Value N/A 500 gold
Desert Storm Rank 1 Summon a whirlwind to blind and wound your enemies
Blessing of the Nile Rank 2 Heal all surrounding people
Locust Swarm Rank 1 Summon locusts to attack all surrounding enemies
Use N/A Level 30 sword
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