Ragnarok is a blade of Erik Silvurfist. It was made mere days before he died, and it is the most powerful of his blades.

Crafted from the fires in the caves of Scandinavia, and cooled in the Well of Urd, and passage through the nine worlds, this blade truly spells the end of humanity. In Norse mythology, Ragnarok is the day the world will end. Erik, being Norse, named the sword after it. The sword was thrown into the Well of Urd, but Erik decided otherwise. Instead, he sent the blade thousands of miles to the northern area of what is today Russia.

This blade has claimed to have been seen hundreds of times since then. The blood it has drawn is splattered across history. It is currently believed to be somewhere in the south of Africa, but it is unknown where exactly.


Type/Rarity Legendary Viking Blade
Attack N/A 164
Resale Value N/A 1,000,000,000 gold
Breath of Death Rank 12 A dark mist surrounds you, damaging your enemies by the second
Dragon's Eye Rank 12 Shoot a sweep of darkness at your enemies for an area effect!
Bloodlust Rank 12 Area wounding damage is increased!
Infection Rank 12 Infect your enemies with a short lived plague!
Summon Demon Rank 12 Summon a demon from the Underworld to aid you in battle!
Loki's Curse Rank 12 Confuse your enemies and turn them against each other!
Powerful +5 Increase all your attack power!
Use N/A Sword level 30, must have all of Silvurfist's Knowledge Idols
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