A new Ghost has come to the Caribbean. His name is Foulberto Smasho. He has been causing much trouble in the Caribbean, sinking ships and raising the dead. He must be stopped before he conquers the Caribbean.

You must be Level 45+ to accept this quest.

Part 1

Speak to Jack Sparrow

"That bloody ghost called Foulberto Smasho has taken Raven's Cove and captured my Crewmates. Foulberto's Undead are trying to kill me, and I need your help to defeat them. Recruit some of my old mates and we'll get started.

  • Talk to Bronze John on Driftwood Isle.

"That dreaded Jack Sparrow wants my help? I thought the day would never come. But I won't risk my life for nothing. Take this list of ingrediants for my special soup."

  • Recover Crab pieces from Giant Crabs (5)
  • Recover Wasp Juice from Wasps (10 Wasps)
  • Recover Scorpion eyes from Scorpions (5)
  • Deliver a barrel of salt from the Rum Celler
  • Deliver Grog from barrels in the Rum Celler (2)
  • Return to Bronze John

"I can already taste this delicious soup. Tell Jack that I accept."

  • Return to Jack Sparrow.

"You got old Bronze to cooperate, eh? Next is Slappy. He lives on a street somewhere in Tortuga. He doesn't seem dangerous, but he specializes in Dark Voodoo Magic."

  • Talk to Slappy in Tortuga.

"What do you want? That sorry pirate Jack Sparrow wants my help? Never! Not even if ... well, maybe if I get my lost Rum order.

  • Sink EITC Galleons and recover the stolen Rum order. (25)
  • Recover the stolen Rum Order from an EITC Behemoth.
  • Return to Slappy.

"Rum is good, but Gold is better. Find me some extra gold from Heavy Navy Warships."

  • Recover Gold lumps from Navy Colossuses. (10)
  • Recover Gold lumps from Navy Vanguards. (10)
  • Recover Gold lumps from Navy Bulwarks. (10)
  • Return to Slappy.

"Your a desperate scoundrel, aren't you? I'll think about joining after you kill those Assassins that are after me."

  • Defeat EITC Assassins (25)
  • Defeat EITC Mercenaries (25)
  • Defeat Navy Officers (25)
  • Defeat Navy Dragoons (25)
  • Return to Slappy.

"Good news, you sorry sea dog. I've decided to join your crew."

  • Return to Jack Sparrow.

"Those two shuld be enough to defeat the ghost. Onward to the cave!"

  • Explore Cave of Lost Souls.
  • Defeat 10 Ghosts.
  • Defeat 10 Zombies.
  • Defeat Foulberto Smasho 3 times within 10 Minutes.
  • Talk to Jack Sparrow

Your Reward: 10,000 Gold

5,000 Reputation points.

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