Nick Sharkhayes can be found on Ravens Cove at night, trying to lay his captains spirit to rest by killing his ghost. Unlocked At sword lvl 30

Nick: I could use some help, deliver this letter to Sam Yellowfoote, and then return.

Sam Yellowfoote can be found on Port Royal, in the Rowdy Rooster.

Sam: My old friend Sharkhayes? haven't seen him since he went insane about 'laying his captains spirit to rest' nonsense, if he is alive, my friend Hikaru Wildhayes owes him. Go find an Admiral's Cutlass, then return it to Sharkhayes, he has a score to settle with Wildhayes.

Find a Admiral's Cutlass from an EITC Levithan.

Return to Sharkhayes.

Nick: Ah my old friend, Sam, love her with all my heart, but I fear she is in grave danger. All my life, people I love have been killed by Eyscth. defeat him once and for all, he was almost defeated on Isla Salvaje, but he was not truly defeated. He was last seen heading toward Port Royal.

Saving Sam:

When you get to Port Royal, you see Eyscth attacking the Rowdy Rooster, you challenge him, and he knock you out (this is part of the quest) Sam revives you, and right as Sam is about to get killed by Eyscth, Nick Sharkhayes throws himself in front of you.

Nick: Stay away from my son/ daughter, Eyscth, as you recall we were once friends, but why are you so hellbent on killing Sam and my child?

Help Nick, your newly revealed father defeat Eyscth.

Reward: Nick's Family sword, the Sharkhayes Blade.


Actually find Admiral's cutlass in loot Reward:

The Levithan Blade

Finding Sam's lost cutlass, the Vice Admiral's cutlass. Reward:

The Last Death Blade

Zombie Pirate hat

Bonus Quest: After you finish this quest, talk to your dad, Nick Sharkhayes, and he'll give you a quest.

Sink EVERY KIND of enemy ship.

Kill a Rage Ghost.

Defeat Foulberto Smasho

Return to your dad.

Reward: Every weapon ever made, and the Black Pearl.

Quest 2:

Defeat the Queen Anne solo

Reward: Ecsyth's Cursed Sycthe

Quest 3:

Defeat Santa Muertre

Defeat Sanity


Sanity's Sycthe

Santa Muertre's Sycthe

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