Visit Will:

Will: You're Sharkhayes' kid? You don't look like much, prove your worth and defeat all the EITC and NAvy on Isla Inferno and Isla Salvaje.

Return to Will. Will: Good go talk to your dad.

Talk to Nick Sharkhayes:

Good, I have bad news though, Ecsyth has returned. Find him and get rid of him.

Talk to Will:

So, you found me out eh? Yes, you and your wretched father reduced me to what i was before i was all powerful.

Will turn into Ecsyth and kills Jack Sparrow.

Defeat Ecsyth

Cutscene: Ecsyth destroys Nick before he dies.

You grab your fathers sword, an unknown one that no one knows the powers it holds, and you ask yourself, is being a pirate worth it.

Fades Black

Ecsyth is talking to Kaj Warras

K: You have failed to kill the boy/ girl, you will be punished severely.

E: I'm sorry, My lord.

Fades to Black.

The End... For Now

Reward: Blade of the Unknown Abyss.

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