Puerto Alvico was built in 1291 by the first settlers and pirates. Puerto Alvico expanded very slowly during the years but soon it become very powerfull.

Two hondread years later the Templars started to notice Alvico more and more and started to see a potential threat rising. So they started to enslave pirates and make them slaves to the Spanish and Templars. One day Jan M. stood up for the battle of Ercandia and he threw his blade into the neck of the Templar Leader.

Battle of the 7 Seas

Let no man look up with the sky with hope, let no joyfull voice be heard. And may this day be cursed, by we who call THE LIGHTNING WOLF!!!

-Captain John Fatbeard during the war the of seas

The pirates of Alvico saw familiar ships on the horizizon. The Templars, the Spanish, the English, and the EITC. They quickly got into defensive positions. Captain Fatbeard commaning the Northern Brigade, James Alistir commanding the west brigade, and Jack Warsmythe commanding the east militia. Captain Fatbeard rushed into enemy lines and slashed and striked into each thilthy bloody enemy. He killed over 89 enemy soldiers.

Soon the final enemy ship maked port at Alvico. HMS Granada. The Spanish Warship. The leader, Warlord Fernadez Pedro the Privateer ordered his mercenaries to capture the Spanish Pirate Lords. They captured only two men, from only one was a lord. James Alistir and Jack Warsmythe.


The Wolf vs Battle-Royale in the battle of the 7 seas.

James Alistir is currently being behind prison bars and waiting for realease, while Jack Warsmythe has been enslaved to the Templars.

Behind the bars

Behind the bars.

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