Prowwalkers Post Company is a very big post company and the only post company that allows posters to wait at the port of the main islands and meet the courier to give it to him. VESSELS

  • Light and Normal Sloops: These are the vessels that go from island to island and do a daily run and collect any post from the jails, pubs or anywhere else/
  • Frigates: These are the vessels that get told by a Executive what to pick up and what island to go to. They can sometimes not be needed.
  • Brigs: These are the vessels who goes to island then back to their main port, drop it off and do it for all the other islands.
  • Galleons: These are the vessels that on the morning get the mail and do the long trip going from the other vessels in the company and at the end dropping all mail collected at ravens cove ready for sorting.



  • William Prowwalker is the companies CEO and controls all post that goes in and out of port royal as that is where the company is based. He does one of the Galleon runs. He is en charge of all captain and crew all galleons.
  • Matthew Sharkskull is the head courier. He is en charge of every captain and crew on ships from sloops to brigs. He also does one of the sloop runs.
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