Codename "Prometheus" is an elite team of highly-trained men and women, hand-picked by King John Breasly

The Prometheus logo

himself, who are dedicated to a highly secret and shadowy mission, to investigate the new and undiscovered lifeforms unkown to the human race, as well as undiscovered islands and mysterious creatures inhabiting them. Whether friendly or hostile, advanced or uncivilized. The team is made up of soldiers, scientists, engineers, mercenaries, and doctors, mostly of which are scientists although. Current, future, and past missions will be shown on this page, as well as possible recruitment offers as well. Captain James Warhawk will be the Chief Executive Officer of the team. The Prometheus team is highly regarded as classified, and there will be little to no information on current or future missions, until they are completed. A training date for all new Prometheus members will be announced shortly. Prometheus is funded by the King of England and will ONLY serve under his command, no Spanish, French, etc. Also, Prometheus, does NOT open fire on any innocent vessals, and will not go out of it's way to attack Spanish, French or Undead ships, unless fired upon first. A code of conduct will be written after members are recruited.



Chief Executive Officer- James Warhawk

Executive Offer (2nd in command)- Johnny Goldtimbers

Chief Medical Officer-

Chief Security Officer- Robert Macmonger

Chief Engineer- Open

Warrant Officer (Security)- Billy Snoopensnob

Executive Engineer- Open

Chief Helmsman- Open

Chief Science Officer- Open

Deputy Medical Officer- Bobby Snoopensnob

Deputy Science Officer- Open


The Prometheus team only travels on ONE flagship at a time, known as the HMS Promethean, and is a War Frigate, which the crew uses to travel to one location to the next, as well as to store the discoveries and samples they have collected. It is captained by Sven Redskull, but owned by the King of England, John Breasly, who purchased the vessal, although all ship activities are not responsable by the United Kingdom.


Please leave your name in the comments if you wish to join Prometheus. Anyone can apply, but only a few may be accepted into the elite team. If you are knocked out during one of our missions, your "death" is permenant, and you will have to leave Prometheus until another spot is open again.


Foggy Dreamscape

Enter Prometheus, enter the dreamscape...

Moonlight shadow

Join Prometheus, and travel into the unknown....

Loch Duich from Eilean Donan

Journey into the mist, join Prometheus, if you dare...


Training: The team will be trained for all combat/non-combat situations at a date to be announced.

What lays beyond the fog?

A possible location that the crew might explore in the future...

Arenal Sunset

Yet another possible location that Prometheus might visit. Codename: Hephaestus

PLEASE NOTE: The team will explore (already found) islands, such as Isla Tormenta, Padres, etc. This exploration and finding of new species is yes, roleplaying, but in a different way, I like to call it, real-playing, as you will find "new" species, but in a different way than you think.... Also the team will change if your character does happen to die.

Another location we might visit, codename: Sirena

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