Pretty Polly on Port Royal on 10/5/10

Pretty Polly has been in the Caribbean since the very beginning and is now Co-GM of the McRaging guild. She has two Characters that share the same name, Polly McPretty and Skullduggery Bones being the other 2. She has many mastered pirates, and has her name mentioned many times on the leaderboards. She is a Founder and a first Winner of Savy Swashbuckler*

You can often find her at GM events and her favourite Marceline Pirate is none other than Captain Xavier Hench!

She has had many run-ins with the Black Guard, and was one of the pirates who helped save Captain Walter from the gallows of Fort Charles.

She also has a mastered Pretty Polly on test and a test guild called Pollys McPrettys with around 150 members.

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  • Was known at the time as player of the month.

Battle Of Padres

Pretty Polly was in the Battle of Padres Del Fuego when the EITC invaded. She sunk almost more ships than the Marceline guild themselves! The only consequence was having her head wanted by the EITC.

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