Lord Jeremiah Garland, you are hereby brought to court on behalf of William Brawlmartin, John Warsmyth, and Jason for Treason against Lord Marshal Samuel Redbeard. You are to report at William Brawlmartin IMMEDIATELY for decision of punishment.


Recruiting members for rebellion

Making plan to overthrow the Lord M
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Jeremiah Garland's picture.


Wanted to claim as Lord Marshal and say Lord Samuel can't join back even though he was termed.


Here are The Words That Garland had said To Lord William Brawlmartin For Belief and proof Of Treason:

Garland: * William Its Time *

William: * Time for What? *

Garland: * To Have The EITC Equal Its Power By Not Having Won Leader *

William: * Meaning... Your going to Over Throw Samuel? *

Garland: *Yes.*

William: I refuse To Rebel Against Lord Samuel.*

Garland: * Please, William Dont do this For Me Do it for the EITC. *

William: * I Decline your Offer of Treason. *

Garland: * Im Sorry Then *

Garland, had walked out the door. as soon as he left Lord William Brawlmartin had warned these following people to find and arrest Garland. Eric Machawk, Jason, Kelly Stormeagle, and the men surrounding Eric Machawk. those few have witness the scene.

( Garland was later found on Kingshead, laughing, and saying that he was still in the EITC. The men had tried to arrest, Garland but he had already left)

Seadog/Samuel: * You are hereby discharged and striped of your rank in the EITC, and the Navy.

Garland: * HA! Never, you are discharged.

Jeremiah Garland, You are Now Wanted By The Company and are Herby Brought to Court for Trial.

Any reasons to not show up for the court will result in a permanent ban from the East India Trading Company.

Picture 107 John Warsmythe says JUSTICE *Slams To Ground*
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