Possible Discharge of Jason Blademorgan pertains to role-play.



Court House

Jason Blade Morgan you are herby brought to court on behalf of Lord Maxamillion. You are Currently Charged With

  • Lieing to some men in the EITC
  • Spending Large Amount's of time with Spain in their Guilds
  • Shot Lord Jeremiah Garland
  • threatening Lord Maxamillion to Death
  • Robed a EITC Bank
  • Claiming to be a High lord and in the Council of Elders, That you have said to many people.
  • Cursing at his own men ( Sven Daggersteel and Maxamillion )

Their shall be a Meeting Held for this matter shortly and the time WILL be posted momentarly.

Any Failer, To not show up for court will resault in a matter of discussion of your actions, and Consequences.

Untill this meeting is to take place, you are herby striped from your rank.

William Brawlmaritn 22:41, September 13, 2011 (UTC)Lord Maxamillion and Lord William Brawlmartin

William Brawlmaritn

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