Possible Conditional Surrender of the Paradox pertains to role-play.

The Possible Surrender Agreement of the Paradox

With the Paradoxian War coming to a close, and the recent death of King Francis Chiphawk of Spain, I, First Lord Johnny Coaleaston propose a conditional surrender of the Paradox. I believe it is time for the nations of Spain and England to rebuild economically and for peace to return to the Caribbean. The conditions are as follows.

  • All Paradoxians hand in their arms and equipment to any East India Trading Company officer or soldier
  • Paradoxians return home to Spain unharmed, and are allowed to remain control of their country
  • A formal peace agreement between the Paradox and East India Trading Company
  • A permanent cease fire between the Paradox and East India Trading Company
  • Absolutely no prisoners to be taken of the Paradox
  • All current prisoners being held by either side are granted passage back to their homeland
  • The Paradox surrender control of all of their islands in the Caribbean, and give full control of them to the East India Trading Company
  • All Paradoxian and East India Trading Company officials be granted respect and honor by both sides
  • The East India Trading Company cease any attacks and or defences against rebellions of the Paradox
  • The Paradox call off all attacks on East India Trading Company soldiers and ships
  • The East India Trading Company to continue all patrols, but excessive soldiers recalled
  • All Paradoxians to be paid a 100 gold pension for honorably serving the cause with which they so valiantly fought
  • All spies on both sides recalled to their respective units
  • Any deserters from both sides given pardons and free admittance back to their respective units
  • No gun or weapon to be held at any opposing soldier
  • A formal surrender ceremony to be held at the Kingshead Marching Ground on a currently unspecified date and time
  • A 100 gun salute led by First Lord Johnny Coaleaston to all of them men who gave themselves for both sides
  • All flags to be flown at half mast for a week after the surrender is accepted
  • A monument is to be built in the Port Royal Town Square commemorating the lives of all the men who so valiantly served on both sides, and gave their lives for their country


If you are one of the current High Commanding Officers of the East India Trading Company, a member of the Royal Family, a former Paradoxian Second, Third, or Fourth in Command you may support this. No signatures please.

  • First Lord Johnny Coaleaston, Fourth-in-Command of the East India Trading Company
  • First High Lord Jeremiah Garland, Third-in-Command of the East India Trading Company
  • First Supreme Lord Johnny Goldtimbers, Second-in-Command of the East India Trading Company


If you meet the above requirements and oppose to this action, you may oppose this. No signatures please.

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