Meeting Hall (2)

Meeting Hall of The Port Tariff Parliament

To keep order on the newly reconstructed Port Tariff. Governor Matthew Blastshot(First Sea Lord Matthew Blastshot) has created a Parliament system which is A system of government in which the power to make and execute laws is held by a parliament. Members of The Parliament will be Selected by Governor Blastshot. They will be selected from citizens of Port Tariff and Military Officers from Port Tariff. However King John Breasly has chosen not to be an offical member Just a Honorary. Anyone interested in becoming apart of the Comment Leave me a Message or Write a comment.


If You Wish to Join Please contact me


Lord Matthew Blastshot Head of the Royal Navy


  • Members Must Be English Citizens
  • Members Must NOT be Pirates
  • Members Must Live on Port Tariff, Port Royal or Padres Del Fuego


Meetings will be posted as soon as we find Members


Meeting Hall (2) Port Tariff Parliament is a member of the Parliament of Port Tariff!
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