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James Plunderskull J.R.

Ethnic group: Spanish

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Black

Height: 5'9

Born: January 15, 1700

Died: May 2, 1705

Family: Plunderskull family

Titles: Dark Phenix captain, Pirate Lord

Alias: Plunderskull, Crow

Bounty: 8,000 gold

Ships: Scarlet dragon, Dark Phenix

Plunderskulls story

Plunderskull lost his parents when he was only 4 years old. He lived next to Hobo in Raven's Cove. When Jolly Roger invaded the island his parents put him in a barrel and was pushed away from the island. His father placed an immortality curse on Plunderskull to protect him from the dangers in the Caribbean. The barrel floated towards Devil's Anvil and Captain Barbossa found him and taught him the ways of a pirate. When Plunder grew older he joined Hobos crew and became the very first mate on the Scarlet Dragon. Later on he left to begin his own journey though.

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