Pixie Pyrates, run by Luckie O'Clover, was originally a guild created primarily for players of the Disney Online Game Pixie Hollow who had pirates on Pirates of the Caribbean Online. However, the guild is now currently open to any pirates from across the Caribbean, so long as they meet the guild's requirements.

The guild strives as a whole to create a peaceful, friendly atmosphere to all of it's members. As stated on the first post of their guild thread on Pirates Online Forums, "We are a close game family who welcomes others under our wings."

Also, contrary to popular belief, the guild is not closed to female players only; in fact, the guild itself houses an abundance of male players.

The Guild Rules

The guild rules of Pixie Pyrates focuses on pure kindness and friendliness towards their fellow pixie:

  • Be respectful to pirates inside or outside of the guild.

- Build guild reputation by being helpful and considerate.

- Please say hello to your fellow Guildies when they come online - we are a Guild Family.

  • Help other pirates when at all possible - if you are busy please let your Guildies know.

- Assist other players if needed, Guildie or not, this is a friendly and helpful guild.

  • Please ask before you teleport - you may end up teleporting to an area of high level enemies, although there is NO "wet noodle" if you forget.

- Do NOT take the Helm of another players ship, unless you have permission to do so.

  • No harsh language, or pirate-bashing - we have pirates of all ages in this guild - as we don't want to hurt others feelings. Also, keep in mind this is a Disney Code of Conduct rule as well.
  • If there is a complaint, please bring it to the attention of the Guildmaster or an Officer - a meeting will then be held to discuss the outcome of the matter.
  • HAVE FUN! That's why we're all here, after all!

Officer's Responsibility

Along with following all of the Guild Rules, Officers must...

  • Assist in maintaining order within the guild.
  • Organize and/or help with Guild Nights and Activities.
  • Help other pirates whenever possible, both inside and outside of the Guild.
  • Recruit new players, regardless of high or low level, Unlimited or Basic Access.
  • Explain the guild rules to all new Pyrates,

Officer Qualifications

  • Please do not ask or harass the Guildmaster to make you an Officer.
  • One must display a willingness to help others.
  • Loyalty, activity, and seniority all play roles in consideration.
  • A Pyrate must display proper conduct at all times.

All Officer Candidates will be voted on by the Guildmasters and Officers.

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