&nbsp United Alliance - Pirate Walords Unit


A Group In The Guild United Alliance. A Pirate Guild Led By Matthew Omalley.
2011-06-09 1537

Guild- United Alliance

Warlords Are Ranked By a Number. The Head and Co head Dont Gain A Number.

Head Pirate Warlord.

This Group is A Group of 9 Elite Pirates.

1. Head Warlord - Captain Hasandeep

2. Co Head - VACANT

3. Warlord 1 - VACANT

4. Warlord 2 - VACANT

5. Warlord 3 - VACANT

6. Warlord 4 - VACANT

7. Warlord 5 - VACANT

8. Warlord 6 - VACANT

9. Warlord 7 - VACANT

Pirate Warlord Requirement's

  • To be in Pirate Warlords you have to have an immense amount of military and assassin skills and also be apart of the United Alliance (U.A) Empire.
  • Skilled in both pvp and svs
  • Must be trustworthy.


  • Must be a pirate of course.
  • Skill in pvp
  • Skill in svs
  • Level 50s Only. If not atleast level 49.
  • Must have mastered Sword and Sailing.
  • Ranks are determined by strength. That is how you will earn your self a higher number rank.
  • Co head is chosen by me out of the Warlords. Can be replaced if not fit for job
  • If i am offline Co Head Is in charge, If Co head Offline Warlord 1 in charge, and you can figure out the rest :D.
  • No Fighting Eachother unless you encounter in a friendly pvp or svs or incase of the halloween event were we whom are outside turn into zobies.
  • No fighting also means to fighting with words. Be nice.

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