Pirate Fury Co

Pirate Fury Co's History

Pirate fury co was created in early October 2010 And lead by Basil Tackcrash Basil is a great leader. One of the best. Around early november i joined. A lot of high level people were brought to help support the small guild at the time. During early november we began loosing people. Day after day is decreased. But officers helped. That came the day i was promoted. Basil relies on his officers and veteran to help out. At first i didnt mind. Later on we grew a lot and a lot of people were bugging basil, i felt left out. When basil told me to guild people i refused. For 2 weeks he was gone. I guilded people, but no basil. When he came back we had fell badly. I thought it was the end but in just a week's work we got back to about 160 people. We later become better, stronger, and popular. At the end of March it was a whole new adventure. From being down in a population of 148 to 190. Currently on April 24, 2011 we are at 262 people. I still an Officer. Basil still a GM!. ( Guild code CUPP5338 )

Pirate Fury No!!

Basil has been no stopping guilded. He hasnt taken a break since 10/7/10!!. People have joined us and left us over half a year. People have said yes and no. Officers have worked all day and night for it. Though people might think were worse than they think. People have hear bad stuff about us. Not true, we are NOT EITC. We have tried hard for getting us full. But other people, have gotten in the way. In December 2010 too members left because basil was joking around. They then protested against him. This didn't stop fury. We never stop. Another reason people leave or say no is because we arent a everyday promotion giving guild. You need to earn it with hard working. What basil always said You Gotta Show It For Me To Know It. for people it seemed very clear, but didnt act like it. Many people have failed trying to show that they can be veteran. Some offered to retry but decline. Surely enough averagely 2 people ask for promotions. But if you read this you might wanna think twice before asking off Basil. So... Yes or no for this guild, theres no way we'll end, or what will come next in our path but leave this as a question.

Pirate Fury Co.... Or Pirate Fury No? Guild Code : CUPP5338

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