PFC - Our Pride

As a fully maxed guild, we keep ourselves busy in the Caribbean. Pirate Fury Co. and its members enjoy exploring the islands, bring new guildies to show our discoveries. We also take pride in our knack for plundering ships that serve under the EITC and the Navy. Our Pride is high and will not be let down. Our take it to explore deeper into the lands!, Become founders of new caves, and be the finest pirates of all

As a generous, welcoming and yet ferocious guild, we are finding survivors on other islands to find out when the Hunters strike, and when and why Jolly Roger wants revenge. We sail to the corners of the world for this evidence, and we come up with explanations and strategies. At Pirate Fury Co. we live for fury and live for the Caribbean!, No matter if its plundering and action on the seas, or sitting back and relaxing at the bars! We are Strong and Adventurous

We Be Fury!

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