Piracy Revolution was founded and is owned by a great guild master; a Pirate Lord that goes simply by the name Crossbones, and his level twenty-two.

Second in command is Eric Swordfish, who is currently a member, and is level forty-three.

Guild Userbox ImagePirate Piracy Revoltion is a Pirate Guild in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

About the Guild

The Piracy Revolution was created to change piracy for the better using organization, staying connected, and sharing information. Piracy Revolution currently has five-hundred people in it, which is the guild limit.

Piracy Revolution was founded on 19 April 2009.


  1. Cooperate and participate.
  2. Protect and serve the Guild.
  3. No hacking.
  4. Respect and be respected.
  5. Shape your own destiny.
  6. Help other pirates find their way.
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